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This is a moderated list for announcements relating to the sport of footbag. You must be a member of this list to post any announcements to it, and the list administrator must approve any messages you send. The intention is that you will use this list to receive major announcements of relevance to the footbag community at large, although there may sometimes be regional information (such as announcing a last-minute footbag event in an area in case anyone on the list is nearby and can benefit). In general, any organized footbag tournaments, festivals, special events and tournament results will appear on this list. You do not need to worry about receiving junk mail or other discussions of footbag.

If you have an event or other announcement to make to this list, you just have to mail a message to and, if approved, your message will be broadcast to all other members of the list. Please allow up to 24 hours for messages to be posted (although much of the time they will be posted within a short time after you send them). No message will be rejected without an explanation.

To ensure that your message is accepted, please do not discuss other aspects of footbag on this list that would better be served by one of the other lists (to see the lists available, click here.


Discussion Archives

Click here to access previous e-mail discussions on this list; you can't follow up to any of the discussion unless you're a member of the list, but you can use this as a way to either catch up (if you're a new member), to find that old message you deleted that was really important, or to just follow along at your leisure without becoming a member. (Again, note that you cannot send e-mail to the list without being a member. This is to protect the other list members from "spam" e-mail.)

DIGEST versus REGULAR list membership

This is the digest version of the list. This means that you will receive at most one e-mail message each day (if there is any discussion that day) containing all the e-mail messages sent to the discussion list at during the previous 24-hour period.

If you prefer, you can have each e-mail message delivered to you as it is sent. Each message would be handled separately by your mail program, so that you might readily reply directly to them, or file them away for safe-keeping on a per-message basis. That version of the list is called the regular list.


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